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For my Infinity project I have been trying to get

the feel and atmosphere to a certain whaling station

called Leith in the South Atlantic. I have micro zoomed

in on a still standing building called the, ” The Managers

house” in an attempt to carry across some of the feel of the

place. Now its not exact(I am no expert scratch builder by a long

way) and I have used artistic licence but I hope its in the style

of Leith and what I trying to bring out in the terrain ?

The 1st picture below is the original picture of the “Managers

House”. All the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them .






It not yet totally finished and I have just placed it on

a bit of empty terrain to check its suitability. Eventually it

will be surrounded by scrap metal. Also all the roof sections

are easily removed so the interior is playable.

One thing I have learnt is that I take my hat off to scratch

builders as the amount of patience needed to build these things

is nearly beyond me lol.

Enjoy .


I have been concentrating on the rust and that is

where all my efforts have been going as to date.

Nothing is fixed in stone at this point and I`m

still moving bits around as I decide on what goes


So far I have got the basic rust colour I wanted

sorted its just the fine detail that needs to be






If I am happy with the rust effects nearer the end I will

do a quick tutorial on how to achieve it.

Like the small rusty bridge ? Can you guess whats it made of ?

More of an update than project movement. I am
still working on the first board and still not sure
where everything is going to go, but its slowly
getting clearer.
I will let the pictures do the talking :




As you can see I have also been experimenting

with scratch buit rust covered corrugated buildings.

The test piece in the picture is have way through

the rust painting process.

More soon 🙂


Another day and another terrain project on

the go. This time its terrain specifically for

the game Infinity and as per usual I`m going

to stamp my own interpretation on it. Now nearly

all the terrain I have seen so far for Infinity

involves modern Sci Fi type city areas. Yes the

game needs lots of buildings for cover but I think

people need to be a bit more daring with their terrain

and just imagine that not everywhere in the future will

look like something out of a Judge Dread film.

Somewhere I have always been fascinated with is a little

known place at the bottom of the world. Its called Leith

harbour and can be found on South Georgia. Specifically

I love the old whaling station which is still very well

preserved but slowly rusting way. One of things that

attracts me to this location is the fantastic rust

colours against the landscape and the vast amount of

various metal equipment that has been just discarded.

For me its the perfect playground for a fight and I

intend on basing my terrain on that environment and

adding a modern Sci Fi theme into the rusting arena.

Big picture of Leith below:


Added to that will be a large amount of snow and ice.

I have recycled some 15mm Flames Of War terrain boards

and got straight to work. I aim to make the boards

(which are 2 X 2 in size) modular and will start with

four boards and then add more.

So far I am just working on board one which will be

a dock type area. The picture at the top shows the rough

layout with the blue representing the water.

I had to build up the edges of the board

with additional battens. The boat is 1/48 scale kit that

will be turned into a rusting hulk. It will be next to

run down jetty(which was a 15mm FOW Russian scratch built

recycled bridge). There will also be a small modern bridge

leading to a small island/sand bank which will also have

some modern looking bit of equipment on it. Perhaps the

radar of my recent diorama ?

The theme sort of goes along the lines of run down whaling

station to the casual observer but on closer inspection not

all as it seems ? Time to send out a 5 man Pano response

team for a closer look.


I have now built up the dock area and added a balsa wood

wall. The white paint is just covering the annoying green

underneath lol

Next up will be the jetty and island construction .


Click on any picture to enlarge:

I recently put myself down for a diorama challenge on

the official Infinity forum with the theme being ice and

snow. This is what I came up with.

It was my first play around with snow and ice type products

and I am very pleased with the outcome.


Basically its a 1 x 1 foot board with styrene used to

create the ice shapes. To create the snow and ice I used Soft

Flake Snow from Woodland Scenics and the ice is WS Water

Effects. I added a few bits of left over parts to create the

small jetty at the bottom right and a scratch built power source

for the radar. The radar is a £3.99 ebay special.



The Panoceania Fusilier has been slightly converted so

he is holding a range finder and I scratch built some skis

and sticks to give the impression he is on patrol.

The hardest bit for me was trying to blend the diorama into

the photographic backdrop and make it look seemless.

I will take some more pictures shortly to show more of the base

and a close up of the Fusilier.


It must be catching this Infinity gaming

bug as I`m having loads of fun painting them.

This was the 3 pack by Corvus Belli which

contains 3 Order Sergeants armed with Combi

rifles and all belonging to PanOceania. The

plan was to paint them as close as possible

to the glossy web site paint scheme. To achieve

this I have based them on some Scibor Minatures

jungle ruin type bases and apart from a few

changes to the paint scheme I pretty much stuck

with the game plan. The only bit I`m not so happy

with is the actual guns as I was unable to get the

exact colour right.

I also had my own take on the Templar type crosses

and went for a smaller version which was actually more

difficult than I realised.

The Sergeants were painted with a combination of

airbrush and bog standard brush.

As always click on a picture to enlarge:




Oh just noticed this was post number 100 🙂


Well I decided to add to my single Spitfire wielding

Druze test subject and provide him with some mates.

Another four mercenary comrades with an assortment

of weapons including a cool dude with a rather sharp


Click on a picture to enlarge.


I am still in the experimental stage with these Infinity

figures and am finding the orange particularly hard to master

as with the tiny eyes(a brush wont fit into the socket its

that small). I think I might have another go at the eyes and

make them a bit larger with a scalpel ?

I have managed to borrow a bit of Infinity scenery as well

to give the background the right look. I used a 40k bit of

terrain last time.


I also think I will change the basic bases for something more

sci-fi looking ?

Perhaps I will paint something bigger next time with more

metal on it like one of those big Squalo chaps.

On a different note, anybody manage to pre-order the Angel

book ?


If you know who this guy is then the book coming out shortly

is a must. Angel Giraldez is an expert at painting Infinity

figures and a daemon with an airbrush. The book is limited to

a run of 5500 and comes with a one off specially sculpted figure

of Joan Of Arc(see above). Even if your not an Infinity fan you just have

to admire his work and detail.

If you want the book there are various places pre-ordering the

book now, but hurry as the book will sell out fast and will not

be re-printed.

Official blurb below :

Masterclass Vol.1

“If there is a date which is important to me is the October 24th of 2013. That day I decided to start a new stage in my career, a step up to become a better artist. This new goal was to release a painting book to show and teach my personal painting techniques applied to the Infinity models.”

In that moment Angel decided to start a new adventure. And now Corvus Belli is pleased to present you “Masterclass Vol.1”, the first painting book by Angel Giraldez.


Ángel has matured as an artist within Corvus Belli, and his tireless work has earned him a place among the foremost professional miniature painters in the world.
This manual describes, in meticulously detailed step-by-step tutorials accompanied by hundreds of full-color pictures, how Ángel applies his technique to some truly extraordinary Infinity pieces.

With the book, you could find an exclusive model that has been totally and re-designed and re-sculpted of the special character Joan of Arc. This model follows the new PanOceania design as featured in the “Infinity. Operation: Icestorm” Battle Pack.


Check out his facebook page or blog to get a taste

of his work.

Also check this video out :

Hope you get lucky and get a copy.


“Click above picture to enlarge”

I think it was the artwork, no it was the

attractive sci fi scenery, no it was the cool

metal figures or was it the low start up price ?

I think in all honestly it was all of them plus

all these mouth watering blogs showing me what

I`m missing out on.

So without further a do I borrowed a spare figure

from a friend and decided to see what I could do

with it and hopefully not scare him with the outcome.

So for me this was a test piece and a giant leap for

40ktermiantus kind into the world of Infinity.

The figure I was kindly loaned(the threat of fairy

green stuff being used if the paintjob was bad focused

my mind) is a Druze Shock Trooper belonging to the

Mercs(Please correct me if wrong ?) and is holding

a spitfire weapon( Please correct me if wrong ?).

Being a test run I went with the standard colour

scheme of a Druze as per the web site glossy

shop front. Please note I found the Infinity web

site beautiful to look at,full of helpful

information and friendly people on the forum.

First thing a noticed about these

figures was the high amount of miniature detail

which is truly stunning. It also makes painting

what looks like a simple 28mm a lot harder.

Anyway after playing around with the colours and

checking out the glossy web shots(Not

many ready made paint schemes out on the net yet as

the product is quiet new) I came up with the colour

scheme below. I had to change a few colours as I went along

because I was not happy with them but overall it came out

not too bad in my eyes.


“Click above picture to enlarge”

The final judging was down to my friend and you will be glad

to hear the fairy spray was not brought into use.

If your an Infinity fan or painter of these figures I would

love to hear your view on my efforts and any improvements

you would make. I think I might go for a camouflage Druze

test figure next ?

If you want to know more about Infinity the game, visit or check out this

dudes site ,

because he really knows what he`s doing 🙂

One more question for you Infinity painters is how do

you get the paint colour to look so glossy/shiny or is it

that only the web photos look like that ?