Teddy Bear Fields

Posted: June 1, 2014 in 15mm, Painting, Scratch Built, Terrain, WW2
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As I was building in the shed I went all out and

had a go at Teddy Bear fur fields.

Once again trusty ebay did the job and up

turned a bag of hair. After reading online I

found an old pair of clippers and lowered the height

of the fur which must start at about at least 2 inches

or more. Anyway either the clippers were blunt or who

knows what, but it was useless. Plan B came into force

and out came the trustee scissors which worked a treat.

I cut a lowered section of fur through the middle so it looked

like a natural path.

Now for the colour. The fur comes as a natural creamy/

brown which is great as grass is usually that colour

towards the bottom, away from sunlight. I borrowed the

kids hogs hair brush(big fat thing) and dry brushed

acrylic paint into the fur, trying to only paint the

top third of the fur. I basically started with a dark

green and got steadily lighter.

1st shot after 1st lot of paint:


2nd shot, more paint:


3rd shot surrounded by bocage:


I think it worked out well and once surrounded by

additional terrain such as walls and hedges it will

look even better.

  1. arkiegamer says:

    Hello Teddy! This is looking really good, too.

    Does the fur remain pliable, so that when you set figures in it they sink down, or do the figures ‘hover’ on top of the grass?

    I’ve often thought of trying out the teddy bear fur technique, because it makes GREAT hay fields, but I haven’t pulled the trigger, yet.

    • 40kterminatus says:

      Its soft, but not too soft if that makes sense. Tanks sink in it but troops hover a little. You can add pva to the grass if you want certain sections to remain ramrod upright.
      Its all a learning curve at the moment so I will report back as I find out what works and what crashes and burns.

  2. wgrevival says:

    This is a great idea. I just bought teddy fur (the wrong sort for thatched roofs) from eBay. On seeing this I fished it out of the bin to make fields.

  3. Your result loks veru realistic. Good idea to use the fur to your advantage. I wanted to give this technique a try, too. Might use the airbrush and see how it goes. I assume if you would put, say a book, underneath it, would you get gentle hills or is the fur not stiff enough and just sinks down?

    • 40kterminatus says:

      No it will shape and you can glue it with pva if you want to stick the grass in a certain position. I intend on using it on some hills shortly so I will post up some pics πŸ™‚

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