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Another Noveu Loic building and one more building

complete, phew.

Apart from the church(still under construction) this

is the biggest building so far and after painting it all

up I get the impression it just needs a Swastika hanging

from a pole outside and its an instant SS headquarters ?

Perhaps a staff car parked on a gravel drive would be

the finishing touch ?

Straightforward to paint and I added a basic wooden

floor to the inside. Excellent quality building as per

usual and well worth the money.





As promised I am posting up my ever growing list

of finished buildings that now grace my wargaming board.

Eventually I should have enough to build a village or

small town.

First up a farm building from Neveu Loic.

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Second a cow shed from Hovels ,”Papelotte” range.


And lastly the “Great barn” also from Hovels.



That’s it for now but lots more coming shortly. I have

actually finished my Normandy church but you will have

to wait for me to finish its surroundings before you

get to see it. It will be worth the wait.

.Farm house 4

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I have already mentioned Tiger Terrain in the 15mm WW2 Terrain review, but

I wanted to go in greater detail and show you what beautiful

buildings they produce and what can be done with them.

The building under the microscope is the ,”damaged farmhouse”

which will set you back £15.30. It comes unpainted and in 4

parts. You can also buy the farmhouse undamaged.

The parts consist of the base with walls of the building, two chimney stacks

and a floor that nicely slots in. There are also some tiny parts

like shutters and windows which allow you to customise the

farmhouse to your choice(a nice little touch).

The resin moulds required no fine sanding and I was unable

to find any flash which was a pleasant surprise. All the parts

fitted together smoothly and I was able to get painting straight

away. Due to the high amount of detail on these models its really

easy to get an excellent finished product and it particularly suited

my method of painting Normandy buildings.

I added a few tiny extra bits of detail to please myself but overall

a fantastic bit of scenery which I think other manufacturers will

find hard to beat.

As you can see there is also loads of room to hide your men inside.

Farm house1

Farm house2

Farm house3

Farm house 5

Farm house6

Give yourself a pat on the back Tiger Terrain.