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Battle Board

Posted: June 22, 2013 in 40k, Terrain

Recently got round to painting a Realm Of Battle Board section. I`ve gone for the sci-fi ,red Mars look.


The board was sanded first,then marked with a craft knife to allow paint to adhere to it.

It was then primed with Chaos black(spray can).

Next a  coat of local diy store brown paint with sharp sand mixed in.This gives it the rocky look.

Additional larger rocks were stuck on with super glue and then painted over.

Next a couple of dry brush coats to highlight everything.

The red streaks  are Mig Pigments Old Rust P230.

The pigment must be sealed over with Mig sealant or the colour will fade after adding varnish.

Finally a coat of matt varnish to seal the board.

Land Raider

Posted: June 21, 2013 in 40k, Blood Angels, Land Raider



Started off covered in a very bad black paint job.Couple of weeks later and now looking good.


Space Marine Soup

Posted: June 20, 2013 in 40k

Take two plastic cooking pots.


Wearing some nice yellow plastic gloves fill half way with water and then add the magic ingredient…….Brown Dettol.

Warning: Dettol is harmful to your hands and will dry them out,so use gloves. Also either use a well ventilated area as Dettol stinks or work outside.

I have tops to my pots to stop the smell.

Two plastic caps full of Dettol were added to each pot.The mixture was then gently stirred.It will turn milky white.

Finally add Space Marines.


Now leave for 2 hours.

Depending on how much paint is on the figures you can leave them over night or longer and even use neat Dettol if required.

Dettol will remove paint from plastic and metal figures but has been known to damage finecast figures.Saying that I have left a finecast figure in dettol for over two weeks with no ill effects.

After 2 hours are up and wearing your gloves start brushing off the paint(an old tooth brush or washing up brush is ideal). If it wont come off leave to soak for another few hours or soak over night.

Please note you need to make sure all the paint is off before removing from the Dettol and cleaning the figure. I clean my figures in warm soapy water. Failure to remove all of the paint(the sticky lumps that cling to the figure) and then

cleaning in water will harden the paint again.

Final point to be aware of.Some times you get really sticky paint/black gloop  that will not come off the model. If you dip the figure in white spirit for a minute it cleans up the figure very well. Note that leaving your plastic figure in white spirit for a prolonged period will result in the plastic being eaten. Metal models are fine.

Rhino Conversion

Posted: June 18, 2013 in 40k, Blood Angels

I got a free rhino with a job lot off ebay that was in a sorry state so instead of using it for parts I decided to turn it into a command vehicle.I`m going for the well used/battle damaged look in a city fighting zone.


This rhino started off a black with white snow effect so sanded it down and re primed grey.Then a coat of Mephiston red as a base coat(airbrushed) and then several coats of Evil Sunz Scarlet(airbrushed).

As you can see it has extra scratch built bits added to the top(water carrier,ammo box and aerial) and will eventually have a metal grille over the front of the vehicle.

More to come…………..




A bit of plasticard,some old meshing and some weathering.Still lots to do but coming along.

More to come……………………

Blood Angels

Posted: June 17, 2013 in 40k, Blood Angels

My first attempt at Blood Angels using some left over space marine parts.

First off a nice easy base primer of Army Painter Dragon Red sprayed on. I later touched this up with the 18ml Army Painter bottle to get an even coating.


Next a wash of Carroburg Crimson.


Next a couple of coats of Mephiston red followed by Evil Sunz Scarlet.

A coat of scab red and some edge high lighting.


Few other bits of detail added and still a bit to do,but not bad for bunch of old figures that have been through the dettol grinder.

1st batch of Blood Angels are finished.



More to come…………..