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I have been after this book for a while and
finally managed to win an ebay auction at a
reasonable price(£30). Its sounds expensive but
its out of print and highly sort after by the modelling

For your money you get 288 pages of mouth watering, glossy
pages. The first 34 pages are broken up into describing in
simple detail the techniques used in the book and it is all
supported with easy guide pictures and steps.

The remainder of the book is divided into eight sections, each
section covering a build of a different vehicle, showing the
painting and weathering.

I have read a lot of guides and books covering afv painting and
weathering techniques but this is simply the best so far. This book
describes everything in steps and pictures where other books skip stages
or keep back vital information like it is one great secret. Plus you
don’t need to be an expert as its written and explained so well anybody
can learn from it.

My only complaint is that there is so much stuff in this book I
don’t know where to start lol.

This is a must buy for any afv modeller and there are 3 other books
available as well but sadly also out of print. The remaining books
cover allied armour as well.
Hopefully these books will be re-printed in the near future and
everybody can get their hands on a copy.


Are bigger tanks better ?

Posted: August 9, 2014 in 1/16, R/C

Seems like I have been painting all summer and Jack

becomes a boring guy without some fun.

So spent a bit of money and bought myself some 1/16

remote control mayhem.

Answering the question in the title, “hell yes” if its a

Heng Long 1/16 scale remote control Sherman beast.

Click on a picture to get a huge version:



Oh before somebody mentions I should of bought a Tamiya

1/16th R/C unfortunetly I did`,t have £500 spare:(

Only one small problem, explaining to the Mrs about the dug up

sections of the garden that look suspiciously like bunkers and

I now feel I need a Tiger:)