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This is one of the latest 15mm offerings from Zvezda and as you would expect ,

the kit is plastic and simple to assemble.

The Sturm Tiger was created as an infantry support vehicle, specifically to

destroy urban targets(buildings). The Germans had learnt to their bitter cost

that street fighting was not easy and they needed something to even the balance.

Thus they created the monster known as the Sturm Tiger. It consisted of a

380 mm Raketen-Werfer 61 L/5.4, a breech-loading rocket launcher which fired

1.5m long rounds(weighing 376kg) and delivered 125kg explosive charge. The round

could flatten a factory !

The vehicle used the Tiger tank chassis as its base.

Unfortunately for Germans they were not available until the end of the war and

only took part in action in the Warsaw Uprising, the battle of the Bulge and the final

battle for the Reichswald. Only 19 were built.

I have painted mine up in dot camouflage but its hard to see with all the weathering. I

wanted to give the vehicle a just driven through an destroyed building look in a very

grimy urban scene. Perhaps just about to fire a huge round on some unsuspecting defenders

in a house ?

Click on any picture to enlarge.





I have not gone over board with the Panthers and Shermans as they are meant for quick gaming.

Just enough to get me back into the flow.

The jeep and truck will be used for objective markers.






I think a bit of background is needed to start

this post off and to explain why I happened to have

six Tigers tanks just lying about !

I recently attended a wargames event with two friends

and we were admiring a beautiful WWII board set up for

FOW which happened to have an SS Division fielded on the

board. Admiring the SS Tigers my friend pointed out he needed

to buy some more Battle Front Tigers for his army and the lad

running the table pointed out they were not Battle Front Tigers

and belonged to a different manufacturer ! We argued against this

,until the lad let us kindly handle the tanks which resulted in

humble pie on our behalf. This got us all thinking because at a

distance of two feet none of us could tell the difference.

So knowing I had two different types of 15mm Tigers at home and

my mate had a third manufacturer we decided to do a bit of research

and buy the remaining 3 on the market.

The plan was simple. Compare the 6 main manufacturers of 15mm Tiger

tanks(sorry if your product is not included) and then devise a cunning

plan to test our eagle eyed wargamers to see if they can spot the difference.

The Review

The six manufacturers in question were:

  • Battlefront.
  • Skytrex.
  • Forged in Battle.
  • Peter Pig.
  • Zvezda.
  • Plastic Soldier Company.

Ok a word of warning on my review. It is based on the kits I had

available to me at the time and there are other kits produced by

the same manufacturers which come in varying periods of WWII and


Here are the six kits below :

Click on any picture to enlarge.


So from left to right a quick summary.

First up was the Plastic Soldier Company

This tank came from a box of four tanks priced at £19.50 plus 10% postage.

Its plastic and comes with options to build either early, mid or late which is

a really nice touch. You also get two crew members and stowage options. The

only one query/criticism was the width of the tracks ? They seemed a little

narrow to me ? Plenty of hatches.

Second was Forged in Battle

This is a resin cast that costs £7.50 plus £4 postage. First impression was

that the tank looked a little to narrow. Its also comes based which I am

not a big fan of. Its made of 3 main parts so assembly is quick and you get

one crew member.

Third was Peter Pig

You get a totally metal product coming in at £7 plus £3 postage. It has 6 parts

in total and not a bit of flash on the parts so well done. The tracks have

a clever insert so you are able to attach them in the exact position. You also

get two hatches and a crew member.

Fourth is Skytrex(Command Decision)

Price was £7.70 plus £5 postage. All metal parts and very solid. Criticisms would
be a lot of flash on the rear of the tank and no crew.

Fifth is Battlefornt

Mixed parts of resin and metal and costing £8.99 and £2.75 postage. Best thing

about this was out of all the tanks is gave the best opportunity to customise in

my view. Down side was that some of the parts are very small and extremely fiddly

to attach. Lots of hatches and crew. This is the early version of the Tiger.

Last and not least is Zvezda

Totally plastic and quick to assemble. Cost wise, £6.95 including postage. You

get no crew.




So what’s my verdict ?

Well if I go onto the various forums for 15mm Wargaming and ask

peoples opinion on what Tiger to buy each manufacturer or supporter

of that product sings the praises of their model saying how great it

is compared to the others on the market, but the proof is in the pudding.

And in this case the pudding is going to be the finished model, the thing

you will see at two feet away on a board.

So I challenge you to identify the 6 Tiger tanks that appeared in
my earlier post. What I`m trying to prove is that once on the board nobody
cares who made the model because its all about the finished look and
playing the game, no matter what the bumf in the brochure tells you.

Follow the LINK


The rules in a nutshell:

Look at the pictures below which contain 6, 15mm Tiger tanks from

Schwer SS Panzer Abt 101 driving down a Normandy road in 1944, made

by various manufactures. The Tigers have been painted, some are

slightly converted and camouflage has been added. So all 6 Tigers

are battle board ready.

Your job is to identify which tank belongs to which manufacturer,
simple ?

All you have to do is post your guess to be entered into the competition. You
must identify the maker of tanks. Each tank has a 3 figure number on the turret
and below it to identify it. You must match the tank number to one of the six
manufacturers listed below.

  1. Zvezda.
  2. Battlefront.
  3. Forged In Battle.
  4. Peter Pig.
  5. Skytrex.
  6. Plastic Soldier Company.

The competition will stay open until the end of June and the winner will be judged by me. In
the case of a draw the names will be put into a hat and a winner drawn out. Only one guess
per person is allowed.

The winner will receive a Battlefront 15mm Tiger Tank.

The pictures:

Click on any picture to enlarge:








Good luck everybody.

Another £2.65 well spent and a great looking

truck just ready to pull a 5.5 inch gun. I did

a few modifications before painting including

adding a rolled up tarpaulin cover, front tow rope,

front load weight sign, front lights and a small step

up ladder over the fuel tank.

Click on a picture for a larger image :





I have been adding to my Russian armour as of late

with these two heavy beauties from Battlefront and

a couple of light weights from Zvezda.

What strikes me about the IS2 and ISU 152 is

their shear size, its intimidating. Saying that

having an IS2 and a ISU 152 hiding in some woods

as back up brings a smile to my face and worries the

hell out of the opposition.

I added the two BT5`s as an after thought and intend

to use them as spotters(cannon fodder).







15mm Russian T-26`s

Posted: January 19, 2014 in 15mm, Russian, WW2, Zvezda
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The Russian solution to German armour was often not to

build something of better quality but rather to build

greater numbers. Thus my large group of T-26`s which have

the fire power of a small gnat but eventually through

numbers one will sting you.






If your wondering these tiny tanks are Zvezda again.

Finally finished my KV1`s and took some pictures of them on the board.

Bring on the panzers.






Best thing about these KV1`s was that they only take a couple of days to paint up.

KV1 Zvezda finished

Posted: November 23, 2013 in 15mm, Russian, Zvezda
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Finally finished my KV1 and I`m a lot more happy with the result.




The photos are better as well.

Been trying my hand at a new field of action, specifically an early Battlefront Tiger in 15mm for Flames Of War or some thing similar like Rapid Fire rules.

Its not finished yet and I plan to do a KV1 at the same time ,but one thing is plainly obvious

…..what a pain in the arse 15mm is compared to giant 40k models.

All credit to people who paint 15mm stuff its seriously fiddly.

Problems I have encountered so far and as I mentioned its not finished yet !

  1. Battlefront Tigers don’t come with assembly instructions.
  2. Ever tried removing a metal jack in 15mm scale from a sprue and not cutting your fingers off ?
  3. Tiny parts of metal need super glue which by its nature runs and the parts stick to you.
  4. My detail brush is well small, but not small enough for 15mm.
  5. Even with super glue small parts fall off days after while you try to paint them.
  6. I never base tanks but after the tiny parts falling off scenario I can see wisdom in doing just that so my fat fingers don’t squeeze off a mud flap or two.
  7. Airbrushing tiny detail is difficult and its easier using free hand.
  8. Ignore pictures of other models on the net and use real pictures to get the detail correct.
  9. Leave gluing on tracks/wheels until last or you cannot get behind these areas.

The picture below is my work in progress. The KV is a plastic Zvezda.


I`ll update as I progress, if I progress ?

If anybody has any tips/hints on painting these mini beasts please feel free to share your secrets.