Russian armour

Posted: March 7, 2014 in 15mm, Battlefront, Flames Of War, Russian, WW2, Zvezda
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I have been adding to my Russian armour as of late

with these two heavy beauties from Battlefront and

a couple of light weights from Zvezda.

What strikes me about the IS2 and ISU 152 is

their shear size, its intimidating. Saying that

having an IS2 and a ISU 152 hiding in some woods

as back up brings a smile to my face and worries the

hell out of the opposition.

I added the two BT5`s as an after thought and intend

to use them as spotters(cannon fodder).







  1. kingsmercy says:

    Nice ISUs. The poor Panthers and Tigers dont stand a chance. They look great with all your terrain.

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