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Been skip diving again and found a left over metallic

tile(I think that’s what it is ?). To be exact I pulled

out a tile and half.

Anyway as soon as I saw it going spare my mind just

shouted 40k modelling possibilities. So initially I

thought Space Hulk anything as the tiles are almost

perfect size for a 28mm figure. Cargo bay as one whole

tile ? Cut it up into corridor sections? Use it as sci-fi

walling or just individual figure bases ?

Anybody got any other cunning plans of what to use it for ?




The metal is very thin so each bit is very flexible,

which is great for kit bashing 🙂


Posted: October 7, 2013 in Genestealers, Space Hulk
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With all this fuss about the new Space Hulk game I decided to paint up some old style genestealers and it just had to be purple.




A lot of people go for the more modern white/cream look in the GW painting book but I prefer the old style purple.