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I was recently nominated for a Wargaming Blog

Excellence Award by

and a while back somebody nominated me for a Liebster

Award. After saying thank you and feeling slightly

embarrassed and honoured at the same time I have finally

got myself into a position to respond in kind.

Wargaming for me is not just WW2,its Ancients,its Sci Fi,

its Warhammer and all its baggage, its board games, its computer

games, its remote control tanks, its re-enactments

and its full of scratch built goodies.

So without further ado these are the things I look for in a blog

that keep me coming back. Bright,glossy pictures that the person

has taken time to compose and get just right. Some background

information and in depth facts about what the pictures cannot

tell. Tutorials and guides on how things were painted or

created. Answer all the comments on your blog and leave loads

of comments on other peoples blog, it gets noticed.

Most important to me personally and the reason I love blogs

is the tiny gems you find every now and again. What gets me

painting and building is inspiration which just oozes out

blogs more than any company website. One tiny blog on

somebody converting a bog standard 1/72 Airfix tank with a

cocktail stick and a plunger(unusual example I grant you) is

worth a thousand times more than the company “How to construct”

list and suggested paints !

Listed below are some of my favourite blogs who I find hard

to separate in order and thus rank them all on a par of



What I love about this blog is the trees. If you have ever modelled

a humble tree for your model railway or Wargaming board I bet you

they never looked this good. If Michelangelo had space he would

have included them on the Sistine Chapel. Apart from the heavenly trees

the blog is full of detailed background information and lovely photography.

Plus loads of posts on Ancients, Fantasy, Napoleonic and more.


Where to start ? For me the outstanding thing about this blog is the

warm feedback you get from its excellent wargaming blogger and its

what a blog should all be about. Added to that are detailed battle

reports to die for and plenty of beautiful pictures to go with it.

Wargaming information from WW2 in 20mm and loads of American Civil

War stuff, Napoleonic and the occasional visit to a Wargaming

convention where he gets dragged(pleasantly) into playing .


Colour, more colour, strange plants and weird things and

that’s why I love this blog. A well presented blog,with

superb painting, pictures and articles. Forget run of the mill

and think out of the box. You just have read the battle report

Lost in Translation

to get an idea of what this site is about. Oh a word of warning,

your going to get a strange urge to buy a Dr Zoidberg figure for

your gaming table after reading this blog 🙂 I now have one lol

As mentioned all 3 are excellent blogs but I came across a blog

only last week that for me just nails it.


I`m a sucker for history and beautiful architecture and wandering

round the inside of a Cathederal is right up there on a par with

Bovington Tank museum to me(strange comparison but that’s how I tick).

Its especially fun for me as I see lots of 40k Gothic building possibilities

in the architecture and whats always been my plan was to copy those

beautiful stained glass windows.

My prays were answered with the following post :

Whats more the post includes free PNG files of the windows to

download at your pleasure.

I love the posts in this blog and I love the building work,but

most of all I love the spirit of giving your hard work away

just to help fellow gamers.

It was that tiny gem that inspired me and thus the reason

to give warhammer 39,9999 my vote.

Good luck everybody and

keep blogging your excellent blogs because it saves me

buying books to read 🙂

Been skip diving again and found a left over metallic

tile(I think that’s what it is ?). To be exact I pulled

out a tile and half.

Anyway as soon as I saw it going spare my mind just

shouted 40k modelling possibilities. So initially I

thought Space Hulk anything as the tiles are almost

perfect size for a 28mm figure. Cargo bay as one whole

tile ? Cut it up into corridor sections? Use it as sci-fi

walling or just individual figure bases ?

Anybody got any other cunning plans of what to use it for ?




The metal is very thin so each bit is very flexible,

which is great for kit bashing 🙂

In my endless pursuit of taking pictures of finished

models and getting the picture just right I am

just loving playing around with backdrops. You can

just simply find an image on the net or one of your

own and just print it out. While you are checking out

the piccies I hope you notice my latest skip find. I found

tile and a half of metallic tile. I`m thinking Space Hulk

cargo bay or individually removing the single squares for

basing figures ?

Click on a picture to enlarge 🙂








The Chaos Prince picture just lends itself to the saying,

It came from the Warp

To quote AR Turner,”Not just light at the end of the tunnel,

but glorious chaotic light

I know its not everything finished but its a start 🙂

Please click on images for a bigger picture.













Now that my painters block has been removed(excuses, excuses)

I should be able to finish the rest.

Yes its taking an age, but that old problem beer keeps

getting in the way 🙂

Slow progress but there is light finally at the end of the tunnel.

Bases yet to do, chevrons and fine detail.









The rhino is still without paint but now with plough and hounds.


Still have not started my Warsmith but I do have a chosen

model for conversion(top secret) and the candidates who failed

for the job are going to be Command/HQ extras.

I need to get my lava painting skills up to scratch and was

wondering how everybody else paints lava ?

These two are examples I have experimented on. Please note the Terminator

was not painted by me. I only made and painted the base on the Terminator.

I used plasticard to built up the bases. Black base coat and Dawnstone dry brush

for the rocks. The lava was basically Dark red through to orange and a tiny white

line through the middle.