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I have been adding to my Russian armour as of late

with these two heavy beauties from Battlefront and

a couple of light weights from Zvezda.

What strikes me about the IS2 and ISU 152 is

their shear size, its intimidating. Saying that

having an IS2 and a ISU 152 hiding in some woods

as back up brings a smile to my face and worries the

hell out of the opposition.

I added the two BT5`s as an after thought and intend

to use them as spotters(cannon fodder).







Came across a metal Ork Nob, painted very badly,in
one of a large number of dust covered boxes I have.
He originally came with a mace and axe and I
suspected him to be more Warhammer fantasy than 40k,
but on checking he appears in Orks Collectors Guide
as part of the classic range. Saying that I still suspect
he has a very close twin look a like in the fantasy range ?

Anyway removed the axe and mace(replaced with shoota in each
hand),added a boss pole made from spare parts and plasticard,
added additional armour(back plate and jaw plate) and put
him on a jazzed on base.






Now he looks like an Ork moving up in the world of
Ork hierarchy until somebody bigger rips of his arms
and hangs them on their own boss pole.