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Rhino Conversion

Posted: June 18, 2013 in 40k, Blood Angels

I got a free rhino with a job lot off ebay that was in a sorry state so instead of using it for parts I decided to turn it into a command vehicle.I`m going for the well used/battle damaged look in a city fighting zone.


This rhino started off a black with white snow effect so sanded it down and re primed grey.Then a coat of Mephiston red as a base coat(airbrushed) and then several coats of Evil Sunz Scarlet(airbrushed).

As you can see it has extra scratch built bits added to the top(water carrier,ammo box and aerial) and will eventually have a metal grille over the front of the vehicle.

More to come…………..




A bit of plasticard,some old meshing and some weathering.Still lots to do but coming along.

More to come……………………