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There is light at the end of the tunnel πŸ™‚

Finally nearly finished some of the detail including an

orchard, most of the Normandy farm, telegraph poles and bits.

I will let the pictures do the talking.

Click on any picture for a larger image.

The farm house(don’t worry about the chimney):


Rear view of a stable :


A barn:


Telegraph poles in production :


An orchard:




More farm buildings unfinished :


Stay tuned folks πŸ™‚

I seem to be taking ages with this project but

detail and wanting to get it just right is slowing

me down.

To make things easy I have just listed what I

have been up to and added photos at the end.

  1. Adding wheat fields, trees and roads to the two non bocage boards.
  2. Planning where my Normandy farm is going to fit in, assembling it and getting started on painting it.
  3. Planning an orchard and starting work on that.
  4. Assembling and painting telegraph poles(yet to get on the board).
  5. Making balsa wood mile stone markers.
  6. Planning and working on road signs.

Click on a picture to enlarge




More soon πŸ™‚

Oh for all you 15mm fans out there Model dads have

re-launched the road sign decals for Normandy. They wont

last for ever, best get some before they run out !

Some support weapons for my confident,trained

British Rifle Platoon. Only thing that troubled

me was the ammo coming from the Vickers to the

ammo feed guy next to him. I ended up having to

cut the ammo belt to get the fit just right and

its extremely fiddly, which means you are going

to get super glue stuck to your fingers. Apart

from that another quality bit of kit from

Battlefront. Saying that it doesn’t justify

your recent price rise especially in the light

of lots of other 15mm manufacturers now making

equally quality kits and way cheaper prices.

Click on any picture to enlarge πŸ™‚




Oh also finished another two 6pdrs to add to my

anti tank bunch πŸ™‚



Two Ultramarine Landspeeders painted in different blues

and painted 2 years apart.






I painted the one on left(no rockets) just over

2 yrs ago in the traditional faded blue colour.

Basically, Macragge Blue, Drakenhof Nighshade,

Altdorf Guard and Calgar Blue.

This a gives a dusty, weathered blue look and I did a basic job.

The newer Landspeeder is more in the modern blue/purple look that

Ultramarines are going. Colour wise its roughly Kantor Blue,Altdorf

Guard and Fenrisian Grey.

This for me is a more an experimental colour as it involves mixing

3 basic colours with each other to get darker and lighter shades

of blue. So much so, I would find it hard to get an exact match again.

I have improved detail wise but I like the old dusty, weathered looking

Ultramarine style to the newer clean look.

Which do you prefer ?

Just got an email from the NOVA OCF raffle saying I

have won the Flames Of War army and KR Multicase πŸ™‚

THE PANZER LEHR WESTERN FRONT ARMY:Raising funds for Wounded Warrior Project

This enormous WWI Flames of War army was created by Steve McCuen who joined forces with Eric FontaineΓ•s charityFacebook project. FoWΓ•s company, Battlefront, has been providing support, encouraging players to purchase raffle tickets. The FoW community has been responding with great enthusiasm. This is a ready for battle starter army like no other!

Best bit of luck I`ve had in ages.

I hope they raised a huge amount of money πŸ™‚