British Shermans in Normandy

Posted: May 8, 2014 in 15mm, British, Flames Of War, Plastic Soldier, WW2
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Joining my 3 Fireflys are the meat and veg of the Allied

tank force the Shermans. M4A4`s to be exact and made by

Plastic Soldier. You get 5 plastic tanks for £18.95 and lots

of detail. My only issue was the tracks that come is 3 parts

and are a nightmare to be honest. It seems later kits have now

been changed to one solid plastic cast of the tracks, most likely

due to people like me moaning.

Anyway as before the Shermans are marked up as 11th Armoured Division,

23rd Hussars Regiment.

Click on picky to get a bigger size.








Hope you like them ?

I`m going to stick with 11th Armoured Division as I build my Normandy bocage

and terrain boards(I`ve actually already started but as of yet to got round

to getting the photos up) and I need some Cromwells and Stuarts. According

to my info 11th Armoured Division had 44 Stuarts,71 Cromwells, 175 Shermans,

36 Fireflys,28 Crusaders and 3 Valentines.So I better get building.

  1. arkiegamer says:

    Looking very nice!

    I’m glad someone is doing the 11th Armoured at 1:1. PSC will be very happy with you. 🙂

  2. forgotmytea says:

    They’re looking really nice, I like the detail on the crew 🙂 I’ve often been tempted by historical wargames but never really actually started one.

    • 40kterminatus says:

      Somebody got me playing Rapid Fire rules first in 15mm wargaming which are very quick and easy to pick up. I sometimes find people are overwhelmed by Flames Of War rules much like Warhammer rules The big companies always miss the fact that complex rules put people off especially when they are trying to get into a new game. Simple,easy starter rules get you hooked and complex rules are for later.

  3. sho3box says:

    They look great. I have only ever painted three WWII tank models (a Sherman, a Churchill and a T34 back 2000 or so) but World of Tanks is making me look at posts like this in a new light…

    • 40kterminatus says:

      Thanks and Wot is my favourite game at the moment.Gotta build me a 15mm Jagdtiger some time soon to match my Wot vehicle.

  4. coronasan says:

    Nice work on the Sherman’s, lots of great detail, mine are somewhat more basic…

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