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Note the title of the post is the correct name but

everybody calls them Bren gun carriers 🙂

These beauties were used by the British and other

Commonwealth countries throughout WW2 and beyond. In general

terms they were too small, unreliable ,under powered,under

armoured and compared to the German counterpart hopelessly

out classed.

But hold on, because they were cheap and fast to build and

most importantly you could fix them with a hammer 🙂

The 3 below are Battlefront 15mm models with additional

stowage and extra troops. All 3 have Bren guns and one

has a Boys anti tank rifle(useless against most things).

Once again they are sporting 11th Armoured colours and

4th Battalion King`s Shropshire Light Infantry markings.

Click on an image to get a bigger picture 🙂






I have been making small bits of terrain for some time and recently

a lot of Western front WW2 type stuff. Unfortunately I have an

Eastern front type terrain board which has been disguised , very

badly as of late to look like Normandy 😦

So without a further thought of what I`m letting myself in for

and inspired by Arkiegamer ,its off to the shed and out with

power tools 🙂

Now I started this project a couple of months back and to be honest

I have been up to other things but in an attempt to get myself moving

its time to post up my progress and get on with it.

Stage one was to build the standard boards which I already use. By

keeping to the same sizes they will fit perfectly in my terrain storage

tower(sounds impressive but wait for the picture).


My terrain boards are 610 x 610 in size, which fit nicely on most tables

and are not to bulky to move around as a permanent set up board is out

of the question.

I basically cut out four battens of strip wood(2cm x 2cm) and sand off any rough


These are then glued down onto a 6mm MDF board using industrial PVA



Once dry a couple of small screws are screwed through the MDF from underneath

the board into the battens to add to rigidity.

Next up I use styrene boards which just happen to be the exact height of

the battens. Cut out the desired shape with a saw(best tool for cutting large

bits of styrene neatly) and glue down again

with industrial PVA, use plenty. Please note by industrial PVA glue I mean the

stuff builders use for sticking just about anything . You can also use wood glue for

sticking down the wood if you choose.



Now we have the basic battle board all ready for whatever you plan to do.

For my project I made four of these basic boards.

Just as a note in case any body is interested, this is what the basic costs

are but a large amount of the stuff I already had in stock. The prices quoted

make at least four boards.

1. 6mm sheets of MDF x 2 £10.
2. 2×2 lengths of strip wood x 2 £12.
3. PVA glue big pot £8.
4. Styrene in packs of 5 £14.
5. Small screw pack £3.

So £47 so far or $80 dollars for you guys over the pond 🙂

Compared to GW boards x 6 at £170 or $289 and I will have lots

of kit left over for more boards.

The title has a question mark after it and its

because I`m not sure about this guy ? Its Forgeworld`s

Iron Hands(Iron Father) model in Iron Warriors colours.

I have added cut off shoulder pads Iron Warrior symbols

and added them to the axe and body and also added an extra

servo arm(flamer) from an old tech marine. He`s based on a

Space Hulk/Tech scratch built base with rust a plenty to

contrast against the shiny Leadbelcher look.

I also tried to make his face look as pale/infected as possible

coming from the warp with a red, infected eye.

My worry is this guy just is not big enough to be a Warsmith,

especially standing next to a Terminator? Saying that a Warsmith

is not all about size its more about the evil dread and presence

you bring with you. You need to the bring that I might just spawn

into a Daemon Chaos Prince at any moment and rip your head off type

look 😦

Anyway enjoy the pictures(click to enlarge) and you decide if he

is Warsmith quality ?








This has been taking shape for ages and I`m just

glad to finally say, done !

The building is based on Pegasus Hobbies parts,

plus balsa wood to make the various floor beams.

The church ruin is based on a normal GW board with

styrofoam providing the Japanese style castle, raised

base. I wanted it to look like a statement on the

surrounding flat landscape. I have tested the space

available for defenders and it easily holds 75 Chaos

Marines and a Rhino 🙂

I bought the steps at the front off fleabay for £6 and

the inner damaged staircase was another £8 off fleabay

as well.

Click on a picky to enlarge 🙂






I`m thinking of filling it with Imperial Guard and

sending an Ork Waaagh against it 🙂

Iron Warriors Rhino

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It just had to have a dozer blade being an Iron

Warriors vehicle as they are siege specialists 🙂

I`m especially happy with the weathering as it goes

well with red earth colour boards.

I have 3 hounds to go on top of the vehicle(yes chaos

type beasts) but the paint is still drying 😦


Click on picky for a larger version 🙂




Two more Iron Warriors to join the growing horde

of Chaos darkness. These two were originally possible

Warsmith candidates but failed the audition process.

Looks like they will have to join the HQ posse 🙂

As per usual click on the piccy for a larger version 🙂




More Iron Warriors coming including the rhino 🙂


To put it bluntly these have been a royal pain in

the neck to do, literally. For the last two weeks I

have been unable to tip my head downwards, eaten all

the paracetamol and Ibufrufen stock in the UK and had

a sadistic physio therapist trying to rip my head from

my neck. I now paint in a very unusual and amusing

position. Anyway onto the rifle platoon.

Battlefront`s 15mm British Rifle Platoon(late)

gives you 37 metal figures including a Piat, a 3 inch

mortar and two Bren guns. Basic bases are provided as


I opted to use Vallejo paints instead of GW simply

because Vallejo have a very good range of WWII colours.

I use a variety of paints including P3,Vallejo and GW so

no extra costs. Saying all that there are GW paints in the


Couple of things that gave me problems apart from the neck

were a black base coat which makes its virtually impossible

to pick out details especially the webbing. Secondly I forgot

to add a bit of depth to the base so my men stood a bit

proud, but hopefully the gravel and static grass hides this ?

Lastly I wish I had added a few spare bits of equipment on

the ground, perhaps next time ?

Plus points, I love my new Noch puffer bottle and the

effect you get with it and I have taken a liking to Vallejo`s

Flat Earth colour 983. I have always used other colours for

earth but Vallejo`s seems to hit the spot for me 🙂

Click on a picky for a larger image 🙂






Sorry about the floating bases in the pictures. They are

still sitting on French out of currency coins for painting.

I`m thinking 4th Battalion Kings Shropshire Light Infantry

or 3rd Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment to stick with

the 11th Armoured Division theme.