British Rifle Platoon 15mm

Posted: July 5, 2014 in 15mm, Battlefront, British, Flames Of War, WW2
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To put it bluntly these have been a royal pain in

the neck to do, literally. For the last two weeks I

have been unable to tip my head downwards, eaten all

the paracetamol and Ibufrufen stock in the UK and had

a sadistic physio therapist trying to rip my head from

my neck. I now paint in a very unusual and amusing

position. Anyway onto the rifle platoon.

Battlefront`s 15mm British Rifle Platoon(late)

gives you 37 metal figures including a Piat, a 3 inch

mortar and two Bren guns. Basic bases are provided as


I opted to use Vallejo paints instead of GW simply

because Vallejo have a very good range of WWII colours.

I use a variety of paints including P3,Vallejo and GW so

no extra costs. Saying all that there are GW paints in the


Couple of things that gave me problems apart from the neck

were a black base coat which makes its virtually impossible

to pick out details especially the webbing. Secondly I forgot

to add a bit of depth to the base so my men stood a bit

proud, but hopefully the gravel and static grass hides this ?

Lastly I wish I had added a few spare bits of equipment on

the ground, perhaps next time ?

Plus points, I love my new Noch puffer bottle and the

effect you get with it and I have taken a liking to Vallejo`s

Flat Earth colour 983. I have always used other colours for

earth but Vallejo`s seems to hit the spot for me πŸ™‚

Click on a picky for a larger image πŸ™‚






Sorry about the floating bases in the pictures. They are

still sitting on French out of currency coins for painting.

I`m thinking 4th Battalion Kings Shropshire Light Infantry

or 3rd Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment to stick with

the 11th Armoured Division theme.

  1. arkiegamer says:

    These look good! I love the sense of accomplishment (or is that relief?) that comes with finishing a unit. Hope your neck feels better soon.

  2. They look great. Having just finished my own British Platoon for Chain of Command, in 15mm, I can relate to some of the problems you encountered, especially finding some of the details on the minis.
    I agree with the lovely natural colours of the Vallejo paints, unfortunately I had none at the time I painted up the infantry, but the GW paints did the job.
    How are you differentiating between squads or platoons (sorry not 100% up to speed on Flames of War, so not sure how much that is needed)?
    Also never realised there was a big difference using the Noch. Does it look substantially better or is it just easier to apply?

    • 40kterminatus says:

      FOW is mostly Platoon sized actions(30-60 men) and an infantry platoon is made up of rifle squads(basically 4 men on a base). I know of people who play COC and FOW with the same troops , you just have to be a bit flexible with the rules πŸ™‚ Reference to the Noch its the puffer bottle that makes the difference, not the grass. It just generates static helping the grass stand up πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the information.
        I have seen a few CoC games using FoW bases. I imagine it would work fine.
        Hmm, ok, we don;t seem to have anything like that in our gaming or model shops. I’ll have to keep a lookout.

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