The World War II Tommy

Posted: June 29, 2014 in 15mm, Books, British, Painting
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Nearly finished my 15mm British Platoon and to help me

with the painting I bought ,” The World War II Tommy”

by Martin Brayley and Richard Ingram and what an excellent

book it is. I have read and owned a couple of uniform guide

books before but this just leaves everything else behind.

Rich, colour photographs and loads of them covering all

uniforms between 1939-45 plus detailed descriptions of all

the kit and weapons. It even covers hospital clothing.

I found this book especially helpful for identifying what

exactly the bit of equipment you are painting as 15mm figures

have tiny bits on them(when sprayed with a black base coat

it makes things even harder to make out). What also stands

out is the photographs themselves. They have been modelled

perfectly with WWII back drops and if turned to black and

white would be hard to distinguish from the real thing.

This book is the one stop resource for everything British

for the painter, modeller and wargamer.

Hope he plans to do a German and American book next 🙂

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