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I have been playing around with the camera and

some standard model railway backdrops and this

photo just stood out for me.

“M18 waiting for the Mortain counter attack 1944.”

Just click on the piccy to enlarge.


A certain person with lots of trees on their blog

has inspired me 🙂


As you can see I`m making sure my British 11th

Armoured have an answer to the Panzer Lehr

oncoming onslaught. M10`s with 17pdrs plus

a few extra bits including another Hellcat and

a Sexton.

The crews are still work in progress. Not long

until finished.

This is by far my favourite American tank destroyer,

its all about speed,speed and more speed.

60mph of speed to be exact with a 76mm cannon and

next to nothing armour. So its a serious case of fire

and run away. Plus you need to bring a hat as a roof is

not included !

Saying that is was cheap to make and could penetrate 88mm

of armour at 2000m,so look out Panzer IV`s.

This is Battlefront`s model and in my opinion the best 15mm

M18 on the market. Its in basic American markings(no individual

markings) and could be found stalking the Normandy countryside.





Enjoy 🙂