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I decided to treat myself to an inexpensive backdrop

holder from Amazon at the bargain price of £19.99. The

reason I was tempted was because I have been using Amoretti

biscuits tins and clothes pegs to hold up my backdrops when

taking photographs. It worked but looked a bit Heath Robinson if

you get my drift ?


Anyway you roughly get 65cm of adjustable pole to hang your back

drop on. The backdrop is attached at the top by two large clips and

there is an adjustable height stand up to 40cm,which was perfect for

my backdrops. You are able to assemble the whole thing in about a minute

and it can face any direction. There is also a nice stand on the bottom

which conveniently fits under the wargaming board.

Expansion wise you could easily sit another stand next to it. Another

idea would be to buy a second stand and place it a couple of metres away

and insert a smaller metal tube to link the two ?

All in all a very nice piece of kit and I would give it a 9 out of 10