Curved walls for wargaming.

Posted: July 6, 2015 in 15mm, Flames Of War, Reviews, Terrain, Wargaming
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If you search the net for walls in 15mm,20mm,28mm etc you will find
literally hundreds of companies that make them and in a huge amount of
varieties. Even so there is a conspiracy out there that thow shalt not make
or sell a curved wall. A do not mean a tiny curved wall but a long sweeping
20 degree curve of a wall. If you look at any pictures of WW2 gaming every
house has a straight wall connected to it, every factory has a square
compound so a straight wall can encompass it.
Even the narrow and winding lanes of the ancient bocage countryside that
were shaped by wandering sheep and carts supposedly wandered in straight
lines to ensure straight walls.
Noooooooooooooo, it cannot be true.

Up until now due to the inability of designers to mould in a curve and a quiet
majority of complacent wargamers who have ignored this strange conspiracy,
we have lived in straight walled world.
That was until (drum roll) the company called invented Reddiprene38.


Basically a hard type of rubber that can be cut with a sharp knife easily
and then shaped using a hairdryer for less than 20 secs into any shape you desire.
It stays in the shape you mould it into. There is no mess and you have lots of time
to mould it and fix it into the desired position.
The church wall in the picture below was moulded by me and each 200mm section of
wall took me about 30 seconds to shape into place. Its stayed that shape ever since !
Whats more that entire length of wall surrounding the church cost £3.40 and is
suitable for 15mm up to 30mm depending on how you cut it.


Its so good I would give this product my vote for best product made for the
modelling community this year, perhaps this decade ?
So now you need never be driven around the bend by straight walls and forever
spiral in control(not out).

  1. Thank you for making me aware of this. I see they ahev quite a selection of styles. The medieval detailing set will come in very handy.

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