Universal Carriers 15mm

Posted: July 24, 2014 in 15mm, Battlefront, British, Flames Of War
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Note the title of the post is the correct name but

everybody calls them Bren gun carriers šŸ™‚

These beauties were used by the British and other

Commonwealth countries throughout WW2 and beyond. In general

terms they were too small, unreliable ,under powered,under

armoured and compared to the German counterpart hopelessly

out classed.

But hold on, because they were cheap and fast to build and

most importantly you could fix them with a hammer šŸ™‚

The 3 below are Battlefront 15mm models with additional

stowage and extra troops. All 3 have Bren guns and one

has a Boys anti tank rifle(useless against most things).

Once again they are sporting 11th Armoured colours and

4th Battalion King`s Shropshire Light Infantry markings.

Click on an image to get a bigger picture šŸ™‚






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