Project: Normandy terrain boards stage 5.

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

I seem to be taking ages with this project but

detail and wanting to get it just right is slowing

me down.

To make things easy I have just listed what I

have been up to and added photos at the end.

  1. Adding wheat fields, trees and roads to the two non bocage boards.
  2. Planning where my Normandy farm is going to fit in, assembling it and getting started on painting it.
  3. Planning an orchard and starting work on that.
  4. Assembling and painting telegraph poles(yet to get on the board).
  5. Making balsa wood mile stone markers.
  6. Planning and working on road signs.

Click on a picture to enlarge




More soon 🙂

Oh for all you 15mm fans out there Model dads have

re-launched the road sign decals for Normandy. They wont

last for ever, best get some before they run out !

  1. arkiegamer says:

    This is starting to look _really_ good. Is the farm a scratch-build, or some sort of kit?

  2. That really does look good. You achieved a nice, organic look. Really looking forward to see the lasermodellbau kit finished. I really want the Roman Villa they have on offer in 15mm.

  3. dave2718 says:

    So campaigning in the bocage is hard work. Who would have thought? It is looking great, thanks for keeping us posted

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