Ultramarine blue x 2 and 2 years apart

Posted: September 9, 2014 in 40k, Games Workshop, Painting, Space Marines, Ultramarines
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Two Ultramarine Landspeeders painted in different blues

and painted 2 years apart.






I painted the one on left(no rockets) just over

2 yrs ago in the traditional faded blue colour.

Basically, Macragge Blue, Drakenhof Nighshade,

Altdorf Guard and Calgar Blue.

This a gives a dusty, weathered blue look and I did a basic job.

The newer Landspeeder is more in the modern blue/purple look that

Ultramarines are going. Colour wise its roughly Kantor Blue,Altdorf

Guard and Fenrisian Grey.

This for me is a more an experimental colour as it involves mixing

3 basic colours with each other to get darker and lighter shades

of blue. So much so, I would find it hard to get an exact match again.

I have improved detail wise but I like the old dusty, weathered looking

Ultramarine style to the newer clean look.

Which do you prefer ?

  1. kingsmercy says:

    I like the older looking paint job. Classic Ultramarine colors. . .brings back memories. 🙂

  2. dave2718 says:

    I like the more worn colours too, but the stronger colours of the second job would stand out on a table rather nicely. I find it interesting to visit projects again in this way, to see how your style has changed and even tastes. Thanks for sharing

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