Ork Work and lots of it

Posted: February 26, 2014 in 40k, Orks, Scratch Built, Terrain
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I have been attending to my Orks as of late and
everything in this post is newly finished.

My Orks needed a base of sorts so out came the
bits box, plasticard and some filler. I blatantly
borrowed an idea of using a CD case holder as a
starting point from http://www.ifelix.co.uk. I then
added a walkway to another ground based fort.







I added some fun detail with a dead Blood Angel
minus his arms and a foot tied up in wire to
the outside as a sort of Ork welcome mat.


A few Ork glyphs made from plasticard

were stuck on.



An access hatch was added for the Gretchin.


A nice bloody access point was also added at

ground level.


I also painted up some more Orks and Gretchin

and made a free standing Ork Glyph to warn off

anybody in the near by area.



Oh and one last thing I added a Kromlech

cannon nicely covered in rust and slightly

kit bashed.




Also forgot to mention that the walkway/bridge

comes straight off so it makes storage nice

and easy.

  1. Beautiful terrain piece. As good if not better than anything you could buy. I really like the details as they bring the makeshift fortification to life. Reminds me a bit of Mad Max :). You need a Tina Turner Orc.

  2. dave2718 says:

    By Gork”s (or Mork”s) green buttocks, that is some fine looking ork architeckture!

  3. ocs223 says:

    What did you do for the blood, Blood for the Blood God?

  4. Just Awesome! Me likey :0)

    • 40kterminatus says:

      Thanks. I think Orks are great to work on as you can get away with adding and making anything. There is only one rule when it comes to Ork scratch building…”there are no rules”.

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