15mm Tiger Tank Competition

Posted: April 13, 2016 in 15mm, Battlefront, Flames Of War, Plastic Soldier, Wargaming, WW2, Zvezda
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The rules in a nutshell:

Look at the pictures below which contain 6, 15mm Tiger tanks from

Schwer SS Panzer Abt 101 driving down a Normandy road in 1944, made

by various manufactures. The Tigers have been painted, some are

slightly converted and camouflage has been added. So all 6 Tigers

are battle board ready.

Your job is to identify which tank belongs to which manufacturer,
simple ?

All you have to do is post your guess to be entered into the competition. You
must identify the maker of tanks. Each tank has a 3 figure number on the turret
and below it to identify it. You must match the tank number to one of the six
manufacturers listed below.

  1. Zvezda.
  2. Battlefront.
  3. Forged In Battle.
  4. Peter Pig.
  5. Skytrex.
  6. Plastic Soldier Company.

The competition will stay open until the end of June and the winner will be judged by me. In
the case of a draw the names will be put into a hat and a winner drawn out. Only one guess
per person is allowed.

The winner will receive a Battlefront 15mm Tiger Tank.

The pictures:

Click on any picture to enlarge:








Good luck everybody.

  1. Ok after a few hours of speculation I am going to have a go:
    135 = Battlefront
    142 = Forged in Battle
    133 = Zvezda
    121 = Peter Pig
    134 = Plastic Soldier Company
    141 = Skytrex

    As a final note I would just like to say how beautifully painted and camouflaged they, are you did a great job.

  2. AdvanceOp says:

    First up great work! In the theme of the post, from a distance of 2 feet away I wouldn’t be picking the difference between any of these. With the aid of photographs which I would say let me get a lot closer than 2′ my list is…

    Zvezda = 133
    Battlefront = 135
    Forged In Battle = 124
    Peter Pig = 121
    Skytrex = 141
    Plastic Soldier Company = 134

    … which on review is the same as Joe so if it comes down to 2 identical entries, I concede to Joe on account of him being first in 😀

  3. Thanks for entering. If its a draw I will pick a winner out of the hat.

  4. Lorne Sveinbjornson says:

    This was a lot harder then I thought it would be. I only own BF tigers but have PSC, Zvezda and Gaming Model products.

    Forged In Battle-124
    Peter Pig-121
    Skytrex. 141
    Plastic Soldier Company-134

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