Project : Normandy Terrain boards stage 2.

Posted: August 15, 2014 in 15mm, Flames Of War, Project, Scratch Built, Terrain
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Slow progress on the boards but progress is

being made.

Ok so next thing I did was mark up with a big

red felt tip pen a general outline of where I

wanted everything to go.

Click on a picture to enlarge:


As you can see I had some help from a passing

Panther tank.

Then I started scraping out the styrene road

route using a screwdriver and sharp knife. I

also put down a tile size layer of styrene to

help build up the scenery.



The tile layer is built up using more tile

where required and is stuck down again with PVA glue.

The cocktail sticks are used to temporarily hold things

in place while the glue sticks.


The next part of the plan is the foundation for

the bocage hedges. As far as I`m concerned bocage

has just as much tree in it as hedge. So I`m using

twigs as trees and sticking them with glue into the

hedge lines. They will help the horsehair bocage stay

in place.



Some of you have probably noticed that my boards

have a permanent look about them. The plan is to make

the terrain 50/50(half fixed/half moveable).

Anyway that’s it so far.

  1. arkiegamer says:

    Coming along nicely!

    • airborneace says:

      I like seeing the board in progress. I’m planning something similar for my WWI/AQMF coastal town board eventually. Nice to see how others are doing it.

      • 40kterminatus says:

        I love seeing projects in progress as well but my aim was to get me to finish the project. It sort of puts a bit of pressure on me to get on with it lol

  2. I’ll follow this project with great interest. Do you treat the twigs before you use them to avoid breakage?

    • 40kterminatus says:

      No treatment apart from leaving them to dry for about a week. Most of the twigs are Hawthorn so they are like iron anyway lol.

      • Good to know that Hawthorn is so resilient. I found some wonderful twigs once with very nice ramifications, however, they crumbled when I touched them lightly. I wonder if Hawthorn grows in NZ….

      • 40kterminatus says:

        My first attempts with apple tree twigs crumbled to dust as well lol

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