Project : Normandy terrain boards stage 3.

Posted: August 19, 2014 in 15mm, Battlefront, Flames Of War, Project, Terrain
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Next stage was a coat of masonry paint over all

the styrene. This seals the styrene and gives a bit

of texture.

Just click on a picture to get a bigger image.


I followed up the masonry coat with a coat of brown

household paint. The brown will act as the base, earth

coat. Please note I get all my paints from my local DIY

store and they always have a shelf with reduced price paints

on them. Just imagine the amount of people who bring paint

back because its not the exact colour which is great for

modellers as it means bargain low price paint 🙂


You have probably noticed some ready made roads in the

photos. They are made by Fatfrank(ebay seller name) and I

have had them in a box for over a year ,just waiting to be

used on such a project. Saying that I`m not sure if they look

the part ?

Next I started adding scenic materials to build up the

countryside look. This is going to time so I will start

on the hedge bases first and then spread out.



As I mentioned early days with the scenic build up

but I have started.

More soon 🙂

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