Hawker Typhoon for 15mm Wargaming

Posted: March 13, 2015 in 15mm, British, Flames Of War, Painting, WW2
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Just click on an image to enlarge :

Its a Revel Micro Wings Hawker Typhoon 1B

which comes as an unpainted 1:144 scale kit at

tiny cost of £2.99. The reason I went for this kit

is simply the price. The equivalent plane from

Battlefront is £11.50 plus P & P so I`m onto a winner

straight away.

Now apart from a few plane kits when I was about 10 yrs

old this was all new to me. For a start the kit is

absolutely tiny so unless you have the fingers of a church

mouse your going to have problems. Some of the parts are so

small I needed tweezers to hold them. On top of the that the

kit is not the best quality in the world but for £2.99 I`m

not moaning. I followed the Flames of War rough paint guide

which used Vallejo colours and did all the stripes by free

hand which you probably guessed by the not so straight lines.

Overall I produced a basic table top paint job. Three things that

bugged me about this kit were the rockets under the wings which

were just bad quality model kit, the cockpit which fails to have

enough model detail and the decals. The decals were intended to

go over a non D-Day black and white striped plane so don’t look




The photo below is the same as the black and white photo and

without the stand being edited out.


Finally I think a taller stand is needed ?

Anyway I`m off to straff some unprepared German armour 🙂

  1. The model might have its shortcomings, but I think you did an excellent job on it. The decals look good to me and the black and white photograph is very evocative. I could see that adding a bit of grime adn waethering would enhance it even further. I thought of treating my Wings of Glory prepaints this way, but have not much experience in where oil and dirt would built up.

  2. dave2718 says:

    looks great; I agree that the B&W shot is a top idea. On weathering, I’m not sure that (functioning) planes get all that weathered. Perhaps some blackening aroudn teh exhausts, but I reckon it looks ace.

  3. cptshandy says:

    Nice paint job! I wish I could paint straight lines like this…

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