Infinity Order Sergeants

Posted: March 5, 2015 in 28mm, Infinity, Painting
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It must be catching this Infinity gaming

bug as I`m having loads of fun painting them.

This was the 3 pack by Corvus Belli which

contains 3 Order Sergeants armed with Combi

rifles and all belonging to PanOceania. The

plan was to paint them as close as possible

to the glossy web site paint scheme. To achieve

this I have based them on some Scibor Minatures

jungle ruin type bases and apart from a few

changes to the paint scheme I pretty much stuck

with the game plan. The only bit I`m not so happy

with is the actual guns as I was unable to get the

exact colour right.

I also had my own take on the Templar type crosses

and went for a smaller version which was actually more

difficult than I realised.

The Sergeants were painted with a combination of

airbrush and bog standard brush.

As always click on a picture to enlarge:




Oh just noticed this was post number 100 🙂

  1. straw41 says:

    Congrats on hitting the big 100!! 🙂
    Love ya Infinity boys!

  2. Congrats on 100! Those Pan-O are looking nice.
    How are you finding Infinity?

  3. Congrats on the milestone! Those bases for the minis look great.

    Keep it up!

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