Infinity Ice Diorama

Posted: March 24, 2015 in 28mm, Infinity, Terrain, Uncategorized
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Click on any picture to enlarge:

I recently put myself down for a diorama challenge on

the official Infinity forum with the theme being ice and

snow. This is what I came up with.

It was my first play around with snow and ice type products

and I am very pleased with the outcome.


Basically its a 1 x 1 foot board with styrene used to

create the ice shapes. To create the snow and ice I used Soft

Flake Snow from Woodland Scenics and the ice is WS Water

Effects. I added a few bits of left over parts to create the

small jetty at the bottom right and a scratch built power source

for the radar. The radar is a £3.99 ebay special.



The Panoceania Fusilier has been slightly converted so

he is holding a range finder and I scratch built some skis

and sticks to give the impression he is on patrol.

The hardest bit for me was trying to blend the diorama into

the photographic backdrop and make it look seemless.

I will take some more pictures shortly to show more of the base

and a close up of the Fusilier.

  1. Lee says:

    That is fantastic stuff! I’d say all that’s missing are some footprints from the skis/poles to where he’s stood, but that is some stellar work there!

  2. arkiegamer says:

    Nice job. Made me want to put on my sweater!

    • 40kterminatus says:

      Thanks. The reason I attempted it was because I wanted to do some 15mm Russian terrain and I needed to see how easy snow and ice are to model. Seems nice and simple at the end of the day.

  3. straw41 says:

    All I will say is, gorgeous!

    • 40kterminatus says:

      I think getting the backdrop 100% right is the key to it. It took me ages to find a picture I was happy with and then blend it into the diorama. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. cptshandy says:

    This is very nice! K. has been pestering me for ages to start a project with winter terrain… I might steal some of your ideas.

    • 40kterminatus says:

      No problem, I trawled the net before I attempted mine so I could work out how to do ice and snow. Turns out there are loads of methods. I want to give crackle paint a go next time😀

  5. Very nice work indeed. The scene is very evocative and the snow looks convincing, so doe the icicles. If you have photoshop or gimp handy you could try to slightly increase the brightness of the background only,as I think this is all that is needed to make it appear seamless. As of now the background is a tad too dark. You could also try to take some blue out of the background in photoshop to make it look more like the foreground. A solution might be to built it up close to a window and reflect some light back onto it with some whiteboard, so you can achieve a nice even lighting.

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