Project : Normandy terrain boards stage 4.

Posted: August 26, 2014 in 15mm, Flames Of War, Project, Terrain
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This is just an update so please don’t get hung

up on the colours as I know they are not quite

correct. The colours I`m talking about are the

various shades of green on the board in the pictures.

I`m still very much in the building up the foliage stage

of things and I intend to correct some of the brighter

colours(eg bright green moss) by toning them down with an


Click on a picture to enlarge:





I plan for telegraph poles, road signs, fences, gates and

anything else you care to mention.

I am aiming to get a main road on the other two boards

running parallel and large a farm by

A word on some of the scenic material being used. I`m

loving using the tall grass by Noch and the large, rough,

open area is a job lot of Model-Scene scree.

Next step is to get some trees into that bocage.

Until next time 🙂

  1. nightowl says:

    That’s coming along fantastic – nice mix of textures!

  2. arkiegamer says:

    Excellent gardening, sir. These are going to look great!

    I bought a bag of moss a few weeks ago, and, though I didn’t realize it at the time of the purchase, when I put the moss on my terrain mat it quickly became apparent that it was a near-day-glo yellow and therefore completely useless. You could even call it a mossed opportunity.

    • 40kterminatus says:

      I think my moss would glow as well. I always wondered what that strange glow was coming from the shed at night.

  3. Reivaj says:

    WoW great work!!

  4. houseofqueeg says:

    Nice looking board so far …….. wish I had the space to store terrain boards.

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