Battle Board

Posted: June 22, 2013 in 40k, Terrain

Recently got round to painting a Realm Of Battle Board section. I`ve gone for the sci-fi ,red Mars look.


The board was sanded first,then marked with a craft knife to allow paint to adhere to it.

It was then primed with Chaos black(spray can).

Next a  coat of local diy store brown paint with sharp sand mixed in.This gives it the rocky look.

Additional larger rocks were stuck on with super glue and then painted over.

Next a couple of dry brush coats to highlight everything.

The red streaks  are Mig Pigments Old Rust P230.

The pigment must be sealed over with Mig sealant or the colour will fade after adding varnish.

Finally a coat of matt varnish to seal the board.

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