The Managers house

Posted: May 18, 2015 in 28mm, Infinity, Scratch Built, Terrain, Wargaming
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For my Infinity project I have been trying to get

the feel and atmosphere to a certain whaling station

called Leith in the South Atlantic. I have micro zoomed

in on a still standing building called the, ” The Managers

house” in an attempt to carry across some of the feel of the

place. Now its not exact(I am no expert scratch builder by a long

way) and I have used artistic licence but I hope its in the style

of Leith and what I trying to bring out in the terrain ?

The 1st picture below is the original picture of the “Managers

House”. All the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them .






It not yet totally finished and I have just placed it on

a bit of empty terrain to check its suitability. Eventually it

will be surrounded by scrap metal. Also all the roof sections

are easily removed so the interior is playable.

One thing I have learnt is that I take my hat off to scratch

builders as the amount of patience needed to build these things

is nearly beyond me lol.

Enjoy .

  1. Subedai says:

    Very distinct and unusual look, and you captured it perfectly. The transition from actual photo to model scenery was seamless when I first looked at the article. Looking forward to the finished setting.

    • Thanks for the kind words,but it’s not quite seemless. In fact the odd seem or two is the ideal location for a bit more rust to hide my lack of wood working joint skills lol

  2. Nicely done, looks great with the rest of the board. The bright rust and streaking were perfectly captured.

  3. Gnyf says:

    Amazing piece, what materials have you used?

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