Dipping my toe into a world of Infinity

Posted: January 14, 2015 in 28mm, Infinity, Painting
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“Click above picture to enlarge”

I think it was the artwork, no it was the

attractive sci fi scenery, no it was the cool

metal figures or was it the low start up price ?

I think in all honestly it was all of them plus

all these mouth watering blogs showing me what

I`m missing out on.

So without further a do I borrowed a spare figure

from a friend and decided to see what I could do

with it and hopefully not scare him with the outcome.

So for me this was a test piece and a giant leap for

40ktermiantus kind into the world of Infinity.

The figure I was kindly loaned(the threat of fairy

green stuff being used if the paintjob was bad focused

my mind) is a Druze Shock Trooper belonging to the

Mercs(Please correct me if wrong ?) and is holding

a spitfire weapon( Please correct me if wrong ?).

Being a test run I went with the standard colour

scheme of a Druze as per the web site glossy

shop front. Please note I found the Infinity web

site beautiful to look at,full of helpful

information and friendly people on the forum.

First thing a noticed about these

figures was the high amount of miniature detail

which is truly stunning. It also makes painting

what looks like a simple 28mm a lot harder.

Anyway after playing around with the colours and

checking out the glossy web shots(Not

many ready made paint schemes out on the net yet as

the product is quiet new) I came up with the colour

scheme below. I had to change a few colours as I went along

because I was not happy with them but overall it came out

not too bad in my eyes.


“Click above picture to enlarge”

The final judging was down to my friend and you will be glad

to hear the fairy spray was not brought into use.

If your an Infinity fan or painter of these figures I would

love to hear your view on my efforts and any improvements

you would make. I think I might go for a camouflage Druze

test figure next ?

If you want to know more about Infinity the game, visit

http://www.infinitythegame.com/ or check out this

dudes site http://www.studiogiraldez.blogspot.co.uk/ ,

because he really knows what he`s doing 🙂

One more question for you Infinity painters is how do

you get the paint colour to look so glossy/shiny or is it

that only the web photos look like that ?

  1. cptshandy says:

    Very nice! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Infinity but I’ve never played it – looking forward to reading some of your battle reports in the future!

  2. Lee says:

    Nice work. As for Studio Giraldez’s paint jobs lookin glossy/shiny, it’s due to his incredible skills with an airbrush and the way he highlights stuff 🙂

    • 40kterminatus says:

      I know,I know. I need to master the way of the airbrush. Saying that Giraldez rocks with his paint jobs and is a real inspiration to us all😉 Glad you liked him,it’s a big think when somebody like you likes my work😍

  3. rexlogan says:

    Welcome to the world of infinity! Definitely a great time to dive in; the new rulebook is leaps and bounds clearer than the previous one.
    I also love all the detail in the miniatures, it really makes the finished product pop.

  4. I’m really interested in Infinity figures mainly in the artistic segment but I wasn’t quite sure if the quality of figures was correctly represented on the website. So thank you for making the plunge and sharing your experience, I really appreciate it.

    All glossy metal work on the models is done through NMM (non-metallic metal) technique, which is accomplished by arduous amounts of blending with a brush (or perhaps and airbrush, not sure what the studio uses). You can do this with wet blending (come on over for the tutorial!), having a wet palette and mixing colors or using dark and light glazes to shade a main color.

    • 40kterminatus says:

      The big boys at the studio use an airbrush which is on my list of things to master this year. I will also have a look at that tutorial,thanks😉

      • thehuanglong says:

        I’m still clinging to the brush. Feel like a Luddite but my getting stuff done hinges on being able to set everything up and put it away in a hurry.

      • 40kterminatus says:

        I’m with you on the time it takes to clean an airbrush but my New Years resolution was to master the airbrush so it’s work it out or bust😳

  5. thehuanglong says:

    Welcome aboard! I certainly haven’t regretted giving it a go and my local player base has had some serious growth since Operation Ice Storm came out. The rules are in a bit of a strange place at the moment because they are partway through an update but so far everything has been really positive. Should return to normal in a week or two.

  6. Funnily enough my group just started looking into Infinity as well, this month. We have played a few games and are now settling on armies, and collecting some miniatures.

    I think your trial model looks great, nice complementary colours and well painted as usual. I agree, there is a lot of detail on each miniature that is not always apparent until you undercoat, or begin painting. It makes them look fantastic, but they can be very time consuming. Well worth the effort though I think.

    I look forward to seeing how you progress with it, have you decided on a faction at all?

  7. Wondering how hard I can get into infinity at the mo. Might have to quote your enthusiasm. Good minis plus good system plus good community equals definite toe dipping. Enjoy the game and painting, I’m looking forward to painting a single unit of 40k and being set for Infinity. Free downloads = YAY!!!

    • 40kterminatus says:

      Infinity is 40k without the GW shite. Lol Seriously it’s small time warfare with low cost start up and lots of fun. As a bonus the figures are better and so is the community.

      • Cheers, I’m enjoying the small start-up cost and the fact that I can remind my gang of the good old days of Necromunda. That, and I want to play kilt-wearing claymore-wielding Caledonians. You might have a new convert.

  8. straw41 says:

    Think in bout taken a little dip myself, and I don’t mean my co-host, let me know how you find it, should be getting operation ice storm through the door soon, ( I hope!)

    • 40kterminatus says:

      I’m going to give Icestorm a go myself shortly so we can compare notes. I am painting some Order Sergeants as we speak😛

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