Project : Infinity terrain build, part 3.

Posted: May 5, 2015 in 28mm, Infinity, Painting, Project, Terrain
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I have been concentrating on the rust and that is

where all my efforts have been going as to date.

Nothing is fixed in stone at this point and I`m

still moving bits around as I decide on what goes


So far I have got the basic rust colour I wanted

sorted its just the fine detail that needs to be






If I am happy with the rust effects nearer the end I will

do a quick tutorial on how to achieve it.

Like the small rusty bridge ? Can you guess whats it made of ?

  1. arkiegamer says:

    Cool steel bridge-I may have to appropriate the design for a future real world architecture project, should the opportunity present itself.

    You’ve painted the rust extremely well, but I think there’s one thing that keeps the effect from being totally convincing. Any normal steel that’s at that level of rust would have massive amounts of pitting, and even outright holes in it. Weathering steel (Corten steel is a specific example) rusts in the way you’ve rendered it here, but it’s doubtful that the superstructure of the boat would be made out of that material, and the shack certainly wouldn’t be.

    • 40kterminatus says:

      The boat is only on its first couple of hundred layers of rust so it’s got a long way to go and I see what your saying about the rust but the colour is spot on for the location. South Georgia rust had a fantastic bright orange colour,perhaps something to do with weather conditions and the corrugated shack is an exact copy of one on Leith. The bridge,which has loads left to do on it is made from computer parts. I will add a lot more weathering/pitting to the rust as you advise,especially on the boat but take a look at the colours on Leith and strange preservation of the corrugated iron which under normal weather conditions would have rusted away to nothing in 10yrs.

      • arkiegamer says:

        No, I think the color is spot on, and the rust itself is looking great. Sorry, if I didn’t make that clear.

        And, if you’ve got a real world example of a fully rusted corrugated metal shack, it certainly proves me wrong!

        I’m looking forward to seeing the project develop, regardless.

      • 40kterminatus says:

        Don’t worry I will take your good advice and try and improve on my rust. Betts get the dremol out and add more holes.

  2. cptshandy says:

    Looks really good, great work!

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