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As the end of the Year is just round the corner I

decided to go for a group shot of my growing British

forces which are being assembled to take on my Panzer

Lehr sledgehammer.

Just click on a picture to enlarge. Be aware these

pictures are quite big 🙂




Plenty more room on the table so best get painting.

I think some aerial power is required ?

Everybody needs something to stop the Panzers in

their tracks and these babies could do just that.

17pdr guns that had better performance than the

German 75-mm (long) or 88-mm counterparts.

All four are made by Battlefront and I have chopped

and changed the crews to make them as British looking

as possible. Out with helmets and in with the berets and

pipes. The vehicles have 75th Anti-Tank Regiment markings

which once gain fits nicely into the 11th Armoured Division


Click on an image to enlarge 🙂







Continuing with my British forces I decided to add

some much needed recon starting with an Armoured

Car Platoon. I have started with 3 Daimler Dingos

by Battlefront,2 Daimler Mk1 Armoured Cars by

Battlefront and a beefy Staghound by Skytrex. I

already have a Carrier Platoon so I can mix and

match as required in the reconnaissance role.

All the vehicles and markings still fit into the

11th Armoured umbrella with the “44” being the

Inns Of Court Regiment

I have added some extra stowage and changed a

few of the crew. I also added aerials which are

essential for a recon vehicle to report back what

it can see.

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As you can see I`m making sure my British 11th

Armoured have an answer to the Panzer Lehr

oncoming onslaught. M10`s with 17pdrs plus

a few extra bits including another Hellcat and

a Sexton.

The crews are still work in progress. Not long

until finished.

Some support weapons for my confident,trained

British Rifle Platoon. Only thing that troubled

me was the ammo coming from the Vickers to the

ammo feed guy next to him. I ended up having to

cut the ammo belt to get the fit just right and

its extremely fiddly, which means you are going

to get super glue stuck to your fingers. Apart

from that another quality bit of kit from

Battlefront. Saying that it doesn’t justify

your recent price rise especially in the light

of lots of other 15mm manufacturers now making

equally quality kits and way cheaper prices.

Click on any picture to enlarge 🙂




Oh also finished another two 6pdrs to add to my

anti tank bunch 🙂



I needed something to haul my anti tank guns

and the Loyd Carrier was the answer. These are

Battlefront models and very simple to paint up and

only needed a slight modification here and there just

so they didn’t all look exactly the same. I have added a

few extra troops as well. Once again its 11th Armoured


Click on a picture to get a bigger picture:




Cheap to make, easy and light to tow and quick

to set up. Whats more the 6pdr could penetrate 68mm

of armour at 1000 yards, so good enough to deal with

Panzer IV`s.

These are once again Battlefront models and as you can

see I have only managed to complete two so far. I also need

a command team to go with them.

Usually towed into battle by a Loyd carrier 🙂

Click on a picture to get a larger picture:





Another £2.65 well spent and a great looking

truck just ready to pull a 5.5 inch gun. I did

a few modifications before painting including

adding a rolled up tarpaulin cover, front tow rope,

front load weight sign, front lights and a small step

up ladder over the fuel tank.

Click on a picture for a larger image :





After reading up on the history of 11th Armoured

in Normandy it seems the artillery came to the rescue

of many allied units in combat and in some cases

literally were the difference between winning and

losing the fight. So bring on the Sextons and my

infantry will be forever more protected by a shield

of HE. One thing that I am still unsure about is

the nationality of the Sextons as 11th Armoured used

and requested artillery help from any and all batteries

available. So even thought they have 11th markings they

could quite easily be British or Canadian.

Click on pictures to enlarge:




Note the title of the post is the correct name but

everybody calls them Bren gun carriers 🙂

These beauties were used by the British and other

Commonwealth countries throughout WW2 and beyond. In general

terms they were too small, unreliable ,under powered,under

armoured and compared to the German counterpart hopelessly

out classed.

But hold on, because they were cheap and fast to build and

most importantly you could fix them with a hammer 🙂

The 3 below are Battlefront 15mm models with additional

stowage and extra troops. All 3 have Bren guns and one

has a Boys anti tank rifle(useless against most things).

Once again they are sporting 11th Armoured colours and

4th Battalion King`s Shropshire Light Infantry markings.

Click on an image to get a bigger picture 🙂