“Stout Hearts” the British and Canadians in Normandy 1944,a book review

Posted: November 13, 2015 in Books, British, Reviews
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Another Normandy book I hear you say, well this time

its something different. Yes the subject has been heavily written

about but this book carves out a niche of its own in that takes

a different angle and ignores the general fighting and describes in detail

the way the army actually works.

Ben Kite the author has gone into incredible detail to describe the

ins and outs of army life and how each section of the

armed forces organised itself on a daily basis and interacted with other

branches to achieve and overall impressive fighting force.

The chapters of the book include:

The Infantry
Naval Support
Air Power & air support
Intelligence & Reconnaissance
Command & Control
Medical Services
Life In Normandy
Our Greatest Generation

To round it off and give you an idea of this books appeal, I

would rate this as the most important book on my shelves on

the subject of Normandy. The detail describing each chapter

is very impressive with narratives from soldiers explaining

how it effected them in their daily life in Normandy.

I think this quote from Major Joe Lawler Brown sums this book

up ,” A very fine book, ably thought out and extremely well researched.

It reads well and holds attention and interest…It will certainly

rank amongst the best books on the conduct of the WW2 and I wish I

could have had a copy in 1943 when I was first commissioned”.


Lets hope Ben Kite writes a similar book from the German

perspective because I will be the first to buy it.

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