British tanks in Normandy…book review

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Books, Reviews, WW2


I recently bought this book to fill in my lack of information of British tanks

during the D Day landings and was greatly impressed with the in depth

information and quality of detail. The book is published by “Historie

and Collections” who are also responsible for most of Jean Restayn`s

fabulous books so I new is was going to be good.

The book covers all the British divisions ,brigades,organization ,markings,

tanks, tank destroyers and artillery. This is backed up by

black and white photographs of the vehicles in action and

high quality colour plates of all the vehicles and their various


Added to this are various gems of information like most

people are under the impression that the Americans provided

most of the men and armour on the D-Day landings. In fact

between the 6th and 16th of June 1944 the British put ashore

as many men as the Americans(270,000) and more vehicles(46,000).

Also I wasn’t aware that Sherman Firefly`s always had a spotter

tank with them because the violent flash at the muzzle brake

raised a cloud of dust blinding the crew. Its little tiny details

that keep a reader interested.

Overall a fantastic book, full of information for any WW2

historian or military modeller alike. In fact its an interesting

read full stop and comes highly recommended by me.

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