Sgt Kristin Romana/Cadian Shock/Valkyrie Ground Ops

Posted: November 6, 2013 in 40k, Imperial Guard, Scratch Built

This is my first female conversion so I went for nice and simple, using a standard Cadian Shock body

and sticking on a Future Skirmish female head(its the female with the SMG).

I changed the arms and sorted out a different back pack.

I also added a pilot type helmet so she looks a little like ground crew.

I figure ground crew would have small fire arms as well.






There are a few female conversions about on the net

and I find most of them give women big hips,

curving busts and red lips.

In real life females in combat wear one size fits all mens sizes so the

exact opposite appears……baggy clothing.

  1. Leeman says:

    Nice – I like the more realistic portrayal of a female combatant you’ve gone for!

  2. Oooh I really like how you’ve done this. I absolutely agree that a lot of female miniatures do not look…um….dressed appropriately for combat situations haha. The colour on her pants has come out amazing. Lovely work!

  3. ccglazier says:

    Realistic, good subtle conversion. Well done.

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