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Eventually I want a board for town warfare and

this is the first house for the street. Its another

excellent kit by Najewitz Modellbau. Its comes under

the name of ” Dead mans corner” and I have modified it a bit

by removing the outside stairs and inserting floors inside

for soldiers to stand on. The roof is removable as usual.

All kits come unpainted and you have to fit it all

together yourself but its not hard.

Click on the picture to enlarge


I think I might add some creeping ivy to the outside of it

eventually ? The colour by the way is an exact match to a

French house I saw recently in Auch. Not Normandy but still

a popular town house colour in France.


Click on the picky to enlarge.

Sometimes you just have too many things on the go

and I have reached overload, arrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh.

On the work table as I type:

1. Laser cut 28mm radar built but not painted.
2. 3 Infinty Fusiliers about to be glued.
3. Saito Togan 28mm Infinity built but not painted.
4. 15mm Bergepanzer III, scratch built & half painted by airbrush.
5. 15mm Opel Blitz truck built but not painted.
6. SDkfz 251 built but not painted.
7. Hawker Typhoon 15mm built and 85% painted.
8. 2 large Normandy terrain boards 50% completed & painted.
9. 2 mini diorama boards just started(28mm).
10. 1 mini diorama board just started(15mm).
11. Large Normandy town house 75% completed and painted.
12. 3 Order Sgts Infinity 28mm 80% complete.
13. 5 ornate Scibor minatures bases attempting to paint to
a professional standard(95% complete).
14. 3 Chaos dogs 28mm 90% complete with no master as yet.
15. Large Infinity terrain boards times 6(metre square each) at the
drawing and planning stage.
16. 40k Ultramarine dreadnought.

On top of this like everybody else I have a large box of future

projects as well. Which future that will be is anybody’s guess lol

So I`m going to have a painting\building fest and put a huge dent

in my backlog. February was a lean month by my standards and my

blog as been a bit quiet, but fear not avid readers.

March is going to be crazy, hang on in there as I break the 100

posts mark.

I know, I know I`m still doing the Normandy board

thing lol. Its been on hold for a while but my

creative juice has returned and its back to the

grind stone. I have been working on a small river/

stream and its taken some time to get it right. I hate

the lovely blue rivers you get on most wargaming boards

and wanted something a bit more disgusting looking to be

exact. Thus I need multiple coats of varnish over lots of

greens and browns because that’s the colour of the nearest

stream to me.

Click on a picky to enlarge:




Now I have got the basis of the river in place I can

start to work on the bocage around it. I hope to cover

a lot of the river with overgrown stuff so it really looks

like a silted up, stagnant , slow running river.

Loads more work to do on the trench section and gun battery pits

but that will be a lot easier to do than the river.

I seem to have slowed down as Christmas is crept up

and concentrated on the small bits of detail needed to

bring the battlefield to life.

More walls(you can never have enough walls), a water trough

and pump by Hovels, a well from Hovels, a barn from a cannot

honestly remember(I buy things and they sit in boxes for ages

and then I remember them but for the love of.. I cant think

where I bought them from !) and some crafty animal water troughs/

feeders which have come from a new spring of battlefield goodies

I discovered recently. The spring of goodies is the world of miniature

dolls houses and farm equipment and its huge and full of 15mm/20mm size

objects 🙂

Anyway I bought a couple of cow looking troughs and stuck them to

side of the building and a wall and filled them with Scenic realistic

water(I tried E-Z water 1st but was not happy with the result). Add on

some foliage and Bobs your uncle. I also scratch built a tap on the side

of the barn to feed the trough.

None of its actually finished yet but nearly there.





Finally just got to say to everybody, “Have a wonderful

Christams and I hope Santa brings everything you want“. Failing

that do what I do every year,put your own presents under the

tree lol

Sorry if you thought I was done but I needed

another two boards. Specifically I wanted a

river/stream, a bridge, trenches and just a bit

more bocage.

To save time I borrowed two old flat terrain

boards from the shed and started converting

them. I have made and painted the bridge and

found a pillbox going spare which will look

right at home hidden in undergrowth.

Click on a picture to enlarge :


The two boards look a bit rough but bare with

me because as mentioned they have been re-used.

The first board sits on the left and contains the

trench system I am currently building out of balsa

wood. Its raised ground so will be able to cover

and arty spot all six boards eventually. It will

also be buried under bocage and have a stream

running above it as marked by the stick.


The trench will go under ground at the right hand

side of the board and reappear on the next board.

This way the join marks are nicely concealed 🙂

The board on the right has two artillery emplacements

either side of a road with the stream running in front

of it with a bridge.

The trench system comes in from the left side.


Sorry if the pictures are hard to understand,

but all will become clearer shortly.

More or less finished the four boards. Think I`m

going to do another two with some trenches and

room for a le FH 18 battery.

This post is pic heavy and just click on any

image to enlarge.
















I have been playing around with the camera and

some standard model railway backdrops and this

photo just stood out for me.

“M18 waiting for the Mortain counter attack 1944.”

Just click on the piccy to enlarge.


A certain person with lots of trees on their blog

has inspired me 🙂

There is light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

Finally nearly finished some of the detail including an

orchard, most of the Normandy farm, telegraph poles and bits.

I will let the pictures do the talking.

Click on any picture for a larger image.

The farm house(don’t worry about the chimney):


Rear view of a stable :


A barn:


Telegraph poles in production :


An orchard:




More farm buildings unfinished :


Stay tuned folks 🙂

This is just an update so please don’t get hung

up on the colours as I know they are not quite

correct. The colours I`m talking about are the

various shades of green on the board in the pictures.

I`m still very much in the building up the foliage stage

of things and I intend to correct some of the brighter

colours(eg bright green moss) by toning them down with an


Click on a picture to enlarge:





I plan for telegraph poles, road signs, fences, gates and

anything else you care to mention.

I am aiming to get a main road on the other two boards

running parallel and large a farm by

A word on some of the scenic material being used. I`m

loving using the tall grass by Noch and the large, rough,

open area is a job lot of Model-Scene scree.

Next step is to get some trees into that bocage.

Until next time 🙂

Next stage was a coat of masonry paint over all

the styrene. This seals the styrene and gives a bit

of texture.

Just click on a picture to get a bigger image.


I followed up the masonry coat with a coat of brown

household paint. The brown will act as the base, earth

coat. Please note I get all my paints from my local DIY

store and they always have a shelf with reduced price paints

on them. Just imagine the amount of people who bring paint

back because its not the exact colour which is great for

modellers as it means bargain low price paint 🙂


You have probably noticed some ready made roads in the

photos. They are made by Fatfrank(ebay seller name) and I

have had them in a box for over a year ,just waiting to be

used on such a project. Saying that I`m not sure if they look

the part ?

Next I started adding scenic materials to build up the

countryside look. This is going to time so I will start

on the hedge bases first and then spread out.



As I mentioned early days with the scenic build up

but I have started.

More soon 🙂