Project : Infinity terrain build, part 1.

Posted: April 20, 2015 in 28mm, Infinity, Project, Terrain, Uncategorized
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Another day and another terrain project on

the go. This time its terrain specifically for

the game Infinity and as per usual I`m going

to stamp my own interpretation on it. Now nearly

all the terrain I have seen so far for Infinity

involves modern Sci Fi type city areas. Yes the

game needs lots of buildings for cover but I think

people need to be a bit more daring with their terrain

and just imagine that not everywhere in the future will

look like something out of a Judge Dread film.

Somewhere I have always been fascinated with is a little

known place at the bottom of the world. Its called Leith

harbour and can be found on South Georgia. Specifically

I love the old whaling station which is still very well

preserved but slowly rusting way. One of things that

attracts me to this location is the fantastic rust

colours against the landscape and the vast amount of

various metal equipment that has been just discarded.

For me its the perfect playground for a fight and I

intend on basing my terrain on that environment and

adding a modern Sci Fi theme into the rusting arena.

Big picture of Leith below:


Added to that will be a large amount of snow and ice.

I have recycled some 15mm Flames Of War terrain boards

and got straight to work. I aim to make the boards

(which are 2 X 2 in size) modular and will start with

four boards and then add more.

So far I am just working on board one which will be

a dock type area. The picture at the top shows the rough

layout with the blue representing the water.

I had to build up the edges of the board

with additional battens. The boat is 1/48 scale kit that

will be turned into a rusting hulk. It will be next to

run down jetty(which was a 15mm FOW Russian scratch built

recycled bridge). There will also be a small modern bridge

leading to a small island/sand bank which will also have

some modern looking bit of equipment on it. Perhaps the

radar of my recent diorama ?

The theme sort of goes along the lines of run down whaling

station to the casual observer but on closer inspection not

all as it seems ? Time to send out a 5 man Pano response

team for a closer look.


I have now built up the dock area and added a balsa wood

wall. The white paint is just covering the annoying green

underneath lol

Next up will be the jetty and island construction .

  1. straw41 says:

    Looking forward to seeing this little lot finished fella! Keep up with the good work!

  2. sho3box says:

    Very nice. There is huge potential in that sort of faded splendour as a theme for terrain. After your Normandy terrain, you have set the bar high. I will be watching with interest 🙂

    • 40kterminatus says:

      Thanks, any input people can give me as I build would be great especially all you experienced Infinity players.

  3. cptshandy says:

    Fantastic! What a great idea, I’m sure this will inspire some exciting scenarios…

  4. Looks already very good and I can see that rust landscape to be a real feast for the eyes. Did you base the board on mdf? If not (or if yes, but it can still be altered) I would advise against this, as you might encounter warping. I had some projects that I had to abandon due to this.

    • 40kterminatus says:

      Yes it’s mdf and I have never had a warping problem in the 10 yrs plus I have using them. I use 6mm mdf which is glued to the styrene and screwed into the battens. I have even left some of the boards in the shed for a year and they were ok. 3mm mdf warps especially if it’s only glued and not screwed. Thank you for your concern😀

      • That’s good to know. So the thicker the mdf the better. I used 3mm mdf only so far, which explains my problems. The battens seem to stabilise it further, something I might try if I work with mdf again (I switched to plastic to make stuff lighter as I have to take it to the club).

  5. DadtheGeek says:

    Really looking forward to seeing the process on these. I’m only starting with my board, but I’m thinking a city that has been deserted and plant life has taken back over. You are right that urban ruined city is the nor. With these games.

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