15mm British Reconnaissance

Posted: December 9, 2014 in 15mm, Battlefront, Flames Of War, WW2
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Continuing with my British forces I decided to add

some much needed recon starting with an Armoured

Car Platoon. I have started with 3 Daimler Dingos

by Battlefront,2 Daimler Mk1 Armoured Cars by

Battlefront and a beefy Staghound by Skytrex. I

already have a Carrier Platoon so I can mix and

match as required in the reconnaissance role.

All the vehicles and markings still fit into the

11th Armoured umbrella with the “44” being the

Inns Of Court Regiment

I have added some extra stowage and changed a

few of the crew. I also added aerials which are

essential for a recon vehicle to report back what

it can see.

Click on any image to enlarge 🙂










  1. Are those bull images decals or freehands? These guys are so tiny I admire your patience…

  2. arkiegamer says:

    Armored cars are the coolest. I don’t know why. These look terrific (as usual).

    • 40kterminatus says:

      The idea of driving around Normandy at high speed and running into the odd Tiger tank in the Dingo amazes me. Recon must of been a very dangerous,exciting and also essential job. Good job those things could go as fast backwards as forwards.

  3. Very nice indeed – the terrain really sets them off perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

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