Gothic Church Ruin

Posted: July 9, 2014 in 40k, Terrain
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This has been taking shape for ages and I`m just

glad to finally say, done !

The building is based on Pegasus Hobbies parts,

plus balsa wood to make the various floor beams.

The church ruin is based on a normal GW board with

styrofoam providing the Japanese style castle, raised

base. I wanted it to look like a statement on the

surrounding flat landscape. I have tested the space

available for defenders and it easily holds 75 Chaos

Marines and a Rhino 🙂

I bought the steps at the front off fleabay for £6 and

the inner damaged staircase was another £8 off fleabay

as well.

Click on a picky to enlarge 🙂






I`m thinking of filling it with Imperial Guard and

sending an Ork Waaagh against it 🙂

  1. Leeman says:

    Very nice! Love the additional parts like beams and staircases! Looks fantastic!

    • 40kterminatus says:

      Thanks, I think perhaps I need a line of gothic columns leading up to it ? Nothing fixed just small moveable based stuff.

  2. sho3box says:

    Atmospheric and cool looking, great work. It looks like a fun environment to play out a few scenarios on too 🙂

    • 40kterminatus says:

      Think I will try adding a few moveable sandbags and make it into a stronghold as well 🙂

  3. Very atmospheric. I love the trail of blood from a recent battle. Kudos!

  4. Very well executed. A nice, war torn building, which has a realistic layout. The weathering effects are spot on and the details liek the blood and carefully placed bushes really makes it stand out.

  5. Looks great. Very good job.
    I’ll second daggerandbrush’s comments.

  6. ccglazier says:

    That’s very nice. Detailed, atmospheric yet playable. Gaming terrain hat-trick.

  7. Amazing work, saving this for inspiration later!

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