Lava lava lava

Posted: April 9, 2014 in 40k, Painting, Scratch Built
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I need to get my lava painting skills up to scratch and was

wondering how everybody else paints lava ?

These two are examples I have experimented on. Please note the Terminator

was not painted by me. I only made and painted the base on the Terminator.

I used plasticard to built up the bases. Black base coat and Dawnstone dry brush

for the rocks. The lava was basically Dark red through to orange and a tiny white

line through the middle.




  1. gusladogames says:

    Take a look at a couple google images of lava to get an idea of how it looks. The general rule of painting dark to light that we normally follow when painting is reversed when painting fire or fiery things (such as lava). Start with a yellow (I use the base yellow Averland Sunset, followed by Yriel Yellow), followed by progressively darker oranges and reds.

  2. May I also recommend using a form of OSL on the rocks the models are standing, should be fairly easy to implement with a few washes of the proper colors.

    • 40kterminatus says:

      Thanks, that was my plan for next time. There should be a good glow coming off that lava if its that hot.

  3. What gusladogames said above is a great tip.
    I’ve just started on some lava boards for an Epic tournament. Started with a basecoat of deep red, painted the raised rocky areas black (as the raised areas are usually the coolest parts. Added a central lava flow of lighter red, then lines of orange, then yellow and finally tiny bits of white to follow. When painting larger areas though, yellow does look a bit odd – so use sparingly. Stick to orange (or lava orange if you can find a suitable paint).

  4. Lovely painting by the way :0)

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