15mm Puma Sdkfz 234/2

Posted: December 7, 2016 in 15mm, Flames Of War, German, Wargaming
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The Puma or Sdkfz 234 Sonderkraftfahrzeug was a fast, well armed German reconnaissance

car during WW2. They were produced from 1943-1944 with a well armed 5cm L/60 gun and a

Tatra V12 diesel engine which enabled the vehicle to have a top speed of about 55 mph.

The vehicle had 8 independent steerable wheels and a front and rear driving seat, enabling

a quick exit from danger when needed.

These 3 models are made by Skytrex(Command Decision) 234/2`s and are made of metal. Personally I think

plastic would have been a better idea as they weigh quiet a bit. I have painted all three in

Normandy campaign colours and left the exact division open to interpretation, thus the

minimal markings.

Hope you like them ?

Click on any picture to enlarge.





  1. Excellent painting, evocative scenic photos, what’s not to love? Not much else to say, these are spot on and I think look splendid, especially taking into account they are 15mm.

    • Thanks for the kind words.I would like to improve with the airbrush and get more intricate lines with the camouflage but I suppose that will come with time and practice. I am quite new to airbrushes but loving the effects you can achieve with them.

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