Lorraine Schlepper 15cm sFH for Bolt Action.

Posted: April 24, 2023 in 1/56, 28mm, Bolt Action, Diorama, Terrain, Wargaming
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Another Warlord kit, this time bought off fleabay fully assembled. All it needed was some paint and some Normandy battle weathering.

For a bit of fun I photographed it on recycled diorama base and stuck a backdrop behind it. I find it useful to keep wooden plinths spare so you can display models effectively. The plinth is seperated from the ground my a thin sheet of plasticard thus you can swap stuff about when bored without having to prize it off the plinth.

  1. That looks really good, and that much better for being on the base with a lot of foliage around it! 🙂 I’m tempted to get the 75mm PaK version in 20mm.

  2. Yeah, that really works! Got me thinking that would be quite handy for “armies on parade” photos 👍

  3. patmcf says:

    Great work matey, clever move being able to change things on the plinth 👍🏻🤓.

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